January and Go



Countries Visited – UK, Netherlands, Norway
Best song  –  Kidnap – skin , found while listening to Chicane podcasts
Best beverage – Glogg and rum ,  sipped while admiring  the spectacular Arctic fjord named Trollfjord
Best meal – Braaing in the Snow with Peter and Karen in Bergen. Always great to see old friends.
Best experience – Seeing the Northern lights on and off the boat!

Does your dog bite?

DSC_4211There is nothing more fun than watching three hundred dogs all barking and howling waiting for  their chance to be hooked up to the sled to go for a run. Leigh and I had our dogsledding experience in Tromsø, we were placed in a sled with 8  boinsterous dogs attached waiting to go.Four females are attached at the front as you are told they were the brighter ones and four males at the back who do the pulling of Fatorria and Lewhite. This was a phenomenal experience and the dogs seemed to have more fun than we did. We finished our evening with a cup of coffee and chocolate cake around a cozy fire.

Bring on the lights!

DSC_4076How is it that on the last day that we on the boat that we head out for a snowmobile excursion and finally get to see the lights! Our snowmobile trip took us from one port to another crossing 16km of snow-covered land, nothing like riding out in the middle of nowhere and getting to experience the light for the first time. Ended the evening taking photos on the desk of the boat with the lights in full display. The bucket list just got another experience ticked off.

66° 33´ 39″

DSC_3384Today we crossed the Arctic circle and started the morning with a glass of champagne, no better way to start the day. Temperatures have started to drop and we are currently at -4 degrees. The morning boat trip offered some spectacular views.We took a walk in Bodø which is the capital of Nordland country which has loads of constuction on the go. Its now time to chill and sip slowly on our very expensive red wine as there is no Bingo on this boat .. sigh

The places you’ll go


Two nights down on the  Hurtigren Cruise and the places we have seen are picture perfect. I had never given any thought to the number of places there are to visit in Norway and we are only going to be covering a handful on this trip. Above a picture taken in Trondheim, the closest bridge in the picture is the Gamle Bybro which is definitely worth taking a look at. Still crossing fingers for the lights …

Snowy old postal route

DSC_3007The past few days were spent in Bergen, another first for us and what added to the experience was meeting up with old friends we have not seen in years.This small town ensured our stay was absolutely  spectacular, offering us fresh batch of snow every day rather than the daily rain all the locals will tell you about. From hiking along the old postal route to walking down the Fløyen path on a sunny day, this town has so much character . Till next time Bergen…

Magical land


How is that spending time in snow takes you back in time and makes you feel like you are 12 again. We spent the day walking around  Frogner park which has the most amazing sculptures. Nothing more magical than the snow falling on you as you take in what the park has to offer. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever visit a city as beautiful as this.