Ding dong you hear the church bells ring!


DJI_0111.jpgStraight off the plane and the next part of our  journey started with a weekend wedding at Rusty gate just outside of Greyton. Gareth and Jess are a couple that we have known for a few years and we also met some amazing people at Jess’s “21st” birthday weekend that were also at the wedding.  Time to party! Friday was a very chilled braai and Sat started to kick off from about 11am and finished up at 4am the following day. There was a first for me, when we arrived at the venue and started to unpack the car we realised that I had left my entire bag at Leigh’s parents place .. fortunately our friend Pete came to the rescue as he was only coming up on the Sat otherwise it was a naked MC . Note to self – always make sure you pack your own luggage in the car rather than assuming someone else has done it! What an amazing weekend , really great to see our friends!

Back In Africa


March has us back home in Cape Town, South Africa as we have three weddings to attend. One wedding will be in Zimbabwe we decided to add Zambia and Botswana to the list making this a great African safari.

Weddings details :

  1. Gareth and Jess – for my sins I was asked to be MC.
  2. Sean and Katie – this one I get to chill with the rest of the party.
  3. Alwyn and Alicia  – Groomsman for this one

Feb and Go!



Our last few days in the UK were during the wonderful snow and weather warnings. As one must, we headed into the country to see if we could find a place for the creatures to have some fun in the snow.

Countries Visited – Germany , Czech Republic , Hungary, Austria and  UK
Best song – Porter Robinson a Madison – Shelter , listening on the train on our way to Budapest
Best beverage – “Pilsner Urquell of course is the best beer in the world” as explained at each bar you ask what beer to drink in Prague
Best meal – Now who would believe that this would be in the wine district area in Eger, Hungary. Macok restaurant was such a great recommendation from one the waiters we met in Budapest . A great bottle of bulls blood had to be had with this wonderful meal.
Best experience – Ruin bars in Budapest , we joined a bar tour which took us to 5 different ruin bars. Nothing more amazing than sipping on a local beer listening to a Metal band go off !



The music is back !

DSC_6122.jpgAnother place one is not able to walk around without singing aloud to one of the tunes from “The sound of music”. Salzburg is a beautiful town in Austria close to the German border. A pleasant walk up to the Castle had us huffing and puffing away and the view was so worth the walk . We seem to be taking the snow wherever we go! Can believe we are heading back to the UK for the last part of this phase of travels .I do think that if we were to ask Leigh what one of her favorite things she has done on this trip , it would so be all the night photography sessions we have done together … NOT!

This means nothing to me. Oh, Vienna

DSC_5999.jpgFound this sculpture in the Belvedere museum and could not help myself .. he looks so super excited about life! We spent 3 nights in the Wombat hostel with an amazing panoramic view from our room. There is something to be said about staying in a hostel and there are always things on the go , interesting people to meet all with a primary focus on traveling and lastly a troublesome bar. Our Vienna adventure started with a wine tasting and a 24th birthday party and ended on a crazy night with Tony , an actor  who worked at the bar and a few Americans who are studying in Edinburgh. Madeleine and Benjamin explained what they were currently studying and when Madeleine mentioned that learning to play the bag pipes was one of her courses we both found this super interesting . I must say packing and leaving for Salzburg the next day was not fun at all! Thanks to all for an amazing eve and cant wait to see Madeleine in the top 10 bag pipe player and Tony at the Oscars. Oh and lastly , yes for some or other strange reason you just cant help humming the song then you walk around Vienna

Bull’s Blood-Egri Bikavér



A small town called Eger,  a two-hour train trop north-west of Budapest was an absolute treat!  This was like a mini get away for us as were able to leave our big bags at the train station to collect on the way back. If you are a wine lover, a visit to “Valley of Beautiful the woman ” is where you will find enough wine tasting to keep you busy for a few days! The grape varietals in the area were now to us so we had to keep tasting them all , Bouvier Leányka,  Olaszrizling, Kékfrankos, Furmint .  The one really worth a mention is Toth Ferenc . A waiter in one of the restaurants in Budapest recommended  that we try eat at  Macok ,  it is going to take something really exceptional to beat this food experience!

Always look where you walk !

The initial idea when starting this blog was that my focus would be more about the picture rather than the words. As for today’s picture , it’s the wonderful art work my boot makes in a dog turd while trying to find a special place to dine on our final night in Budapest. It seems that there is no requirement to pick up your dogs shit when taking it for a walk in the city streets . We were fortunate enough to be able to find a few puddles along the way where I could wash my boot off whistling and dancing to “Let’s twist again” I know this picture will not be winning any photo contests however it should make your facial expression replicate my feeling of disgust as my foot made a squelching noise creating it .