Always look where you walk !

The initial idea when starting this blog was that my focus would be more about the picture rather than the words. As for today’s picture , it’s the wonderful art work my boot makes in a dog turd while trying to find a special place to dine on our final night in Budapest. It seems that there is no requirement to pick up your dogs shit when taking it for a walk in the city streets . We were fortunate enough to be able to find a few puddles along the way where I could wash my boot off whistling and dancing to “Let’s twist again” I know this picture will not be winning any photo contests however it should make your facial expression replicate my feeling of disgust as my foot made a squelching noise creating it .

aww my freakin head Budapest

DSC_5466Valentine’s day is not an occasion that Leigh and I celebrate regularly so we decided that we would this year. We started our morning at Széchenyi Baths which has to be the strangest thing to do as you make your way outside into the snow to dip into a pool that is at 38 degrees, in a banana hammock of course! I am not one who can just sit around and chill so after spending 2 hours making our way from pool to pool, having people watched all shapes and sizes we headed off for some sight-seeing. We had made a  dinner reservation at Fat Mama and this is when it all went West! Having sat down and received a complimentary drink we heard the table next to us complaining about how long it was taking to get their food , another table must have waited about 45 mins to place their drinks order. Szabrina our waitress really did a good job of trying to keep it all together however they were way understaffed for valentine’s day . You know things are bad then she comes over and says to me ” I’ll take that away and remove it off your bill ” before I have a chance to say anything. It was the driest tagliatelleI have ever tried to eat , it had the same effect Pinotage wine which  removes every last drop of saliva you have left in your mouth. Two bottles of really good red wine later and a great dessert we made our way for a final drink at Simpla ruin bar which is a must visit! More on ruin bars tomorrow! Oh and lastly a message to Zuma – Chin Chin Mutha F&*^%R!

Budapest Bridges

CBridge.jpgWe were very lucky to have arrived the weekend that the V4 connect festival was held and concluded with an amazing fireworks show on the Chain bridge. I had started the day having said that I was going to give my camera a rest which started off so well until we got our hands on a copy of the programme and I could not miss out on some great photo opportunities. Had some great fun and ended the eve with a few local beers!

It’s time to Dance!


Berlin has so much street art to see , one particular artist SOBR takes pictures of strangers dancing at festivals and then places them around the city. The work is really interesting and has enspired me to get working on my own theme. These pieces stand out and add to the feel of the city rather than the typical grafitti letters you see all around the world.


DSC_5095.jpgThese are not statues that you are just going stumple apon as they are in the back courtyard of an art gallery and are well worth the find. We have just spent another day walking the streets of Prague and Leigh’s favorite phase over the last few days is “Holy shitballs!”, this is used whenever we turn a corner and she sees even more increadible old buildings. This is a really beautiful city , its our last night in Prague and we will be spending it watching a show at a Black light theatre and will end it off with a few of the best beers in the world. Cheers Prague!

Beers please !

DSC_4622Who would have thought that Czech has the largest beer consumption per capita in the world, I thought South Africa would be up there in the top 10.  Majority of the restaurants and bar staff  have the same response when asked what beer I should be drinking ” Pilsner Urquell of course, it’s the best beer in the world!”  One artist worth checking out is David Černy who has a number of sculptures around the city , we off to find the brown-nosers today!

Street art

A place where locals speak their mind and if you on the streets you going to see many different pieces of art expressing it. The Berlin wall stood for 10316 days, today it is 10316 days since it is gone.I was concerned about going to Berlin as I heard a number of negative holiday experiences and happy to report that ours was superb! We stayed at the Generator Hostel  and met Dirk the friendly barman  who was kind enough to give us a heads up on great places to eat in the neighborhood. This place if full of life, colour, street art and loads of history.