10843980_380700142103737_992692329_nLeigh & Trevor


Alive since 1973 and lived all of it in South Africa , mostly Cape Town. Worked in Corporate retail for 24 years. Passions include traveling , photography, running , cycling,  swimming,  food and BEER! (everyone should love beer)


Lived in London and Cape Town but call Cape Town home.  Loved my career as an IT nerd but super excited to shake things up, go adventuring and tick some experiences off the bucket list.  It’s time to eat, drink and explore our way around the world  – well a chunk of it anyway!  Might even start doing yoga…


18 years and counting … married for 2+ of those.  Many travels in that time to beautiful and interesting places all over the world, eating and drinking like the locals and making wonderful memories.  Nothing on the scale of what is to come though.