March and Go!


Countries Visited – South Africa , Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana
Best song –Frou Frou , Let Go. For those who know me I really enjoy music that makes you float, such a great track. Heard this from a Chicane pod cast , seems to be a theme kicking through…
Best beverage –Zambezi beer from Zimbabwe , if one had to hand me one right now , one sip would have me thinking of Sean and Katie’s amazing wedding and the “roadies” on the game drives. Ended up a few short on one of the game drives due to the thirst of  the other hooligans in the second vehicle .
Best meal –Going to have to improvise on this one as we did have great food however no meal stands out above the others so will have to make this one about a liquid lunch . Having drinks and the Livingstone hotel in Zimbabwe , this hotel has the most amazing views, fantastic service and really good gin and tonics!
Best experience – Considering every wedding is a special occasion , all 3 weddings were amazing! Love to see people in love and enjoying their special day.




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