This means nothing to me. Oh, Vienna

DSC_5999.jpgFound this sculpture in the Belvedere museum and could not help myself .. he looks so super excited about life! We spent 3 nights in the Wombat hostel with an amazing panoramic view from our room. There is something to be said about staying in a hostel and there are always things on the go , interesting people to meet all with a primary focus on traveling and lastly a troublesome bar. Our Vienna adventure started with a wine tasting and a 24th birthday party and ended on a crazy night with Tony , an actor  who worked at the bar and a few Americans who are studying in Edinburgh. Madeleine and Benjamin explained what they were currently studying and when Madeleine mentioned that learning to play the bag pipes was one of her courses we both found this super interesting . I must say packing and leaving for Salzburg the next day was not fun at all! Thanks to all for an amazing eve and cant wait to see Madeleine in the top 10 bag pipe player and Tony at the Oscars. Oh and lastly , yes for some or other strange reason you just cant help humming the song then you walk around Vienna

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