aww my freakin head Budapest

DSC_5466Valentine’s day is not an occasion that Leigh and I celebrate regularly so we decided that we would this year. We started our morning at Széchenyi Baths which has to be the strangest thing to do as you make your way outside into the snow to dip into a pool that is at 38 degrees, in a banana hammock of course! I am not one who can just sit around and chill so after spending 2 hours making our way from pool to pool, having people watched all shapes and sizes we headed off for some sight-seeing. We had made a  dinner reservation at Fat Mama and this is when it all went West! Having sat down and received a complimentary drink we heard the table next to us complaining about how long it was taking to get their food , another table must have waited about 45 mins to place their drinks order. Szabrina our waitress really did a good job of trying to keep it all together however they were way understaffed for valentine’s day . You know things are bad then she comes over and says to me ” I’ll take that away and remove it off your bill ” before I have a chance to say anything. It was the driest tagliatelleI have ever tried to eat , it had the same effect Pinotage wine which  removes every last drop of saliva you have left in your mouth. Two bottles of really good red wine later and a great dessert we made our way for a final drink at Simpla ruin bar which is a must visit! More on ruin bars tomorrow! Oh and lastly a message to Zuma – Chin Chin Mutha F&*^%R!

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