May and Go!

DSC_9400-2Countries Visited – South Africa
Best song –Gui – No turning back , seems to be that the only time I’m getting to listen to music is  when I’m on a plane .
Best beverage –The Gin and Tonic had while watching the sunset on Shamwari game reserve.
Best meal – Osso buco had at my in-laws , was so good !
Best experience –Can’t actually believe that I have been on more Safari this year than I have in my entire life. African animals are really amazing. Had such a great experience where I got to see how fast a warthog can actually run when chased by lions . Mr Bolt, all you would have seen is hog dust !

April and Go!


Countries Visited – South Africa , Thailand
Best song –Orbital – Belfast , sticking to my chill vibe.
Best beverage –Happy Hour at the Cove , the best place ever for happy hour from 15:30 to 18:30 and what a list they have
Best meal –Who would have thought that one would find an amazing italian restaurant in Koh Samui , the 2 fishes restaurant had the most increadible food  and the chef/owner Leandro is really cool.
Best experience –Got to finally complete my divemasters qualification through Assava dive resort in Koh Tao , made the most amazing friends while getting to do something I really enjoy. Time to start considering my next qualification.

Earth Day

DSC_8480We are now into our third week in Thailand and as part of my PADI dive master course through Assava dive resort I got the opportunity to be part of the clean up team on earth day. Total amount of rubbish collected by all involved came to 2.5 tons or rubbish. So amazing to see the restaurant at the dive resort uses metal straws rather than plastic and you have to know the impact this makes considering the number of cocktails Leigh and I drink during their daily happy hour !

Birthday Celebrations



Can’t believe that Leigh has just turned 21 again ,(can’t say how many times otherwise I’ll be in deep shit. )  We are currently in Koh Samui and started to work out the places we have spent her birthday together overseas and there are a few. As for my birthdays , we have not done one overseas however have spent many scuba diving in Sodwana, South Africa so I can’t complain. We spent the day chilling at the pool and then headed down to Coco Tam’s for a few cocktails and to watch the firestartz  , if you ever out this way this show is a must! Time to head off to Koh Tao to get some underwater time !


March and Go!


Countries Visited – South Africa , Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana
Best song –Frou Frou , Let Go. For those who know me I really enjoy music that makes you float, such a great track. Heard this from a Chicane pod cast , seems to be a theme kicking through…
Best beverage –Zambezi beer from Zimbabwe , if one had to hand me one right now , one sip would have me thinking of Sean and Katie’s amazing wedding and the “roadies” on the game drives. Ended up a few short on one of the game drives due to the thirst of  the other hooligans in the second vehicle .
Best meal –Going to have to improvise on this one as we did have great food however no meal stands out above the others so will have to make this one about a liquid lunch . Having drinks and the Livingstone hotel in Zimbabwe , this hotel has the most amazing views, fantastic service and really good gin and tonics!
Best experience – Considering every wedding is a special occasion , all 3 weddings were amazing! Love to see people in love and enjoying their special day.




Feed me Cape Town

Back in Cape Town for a few weeks already and I do have to say that this place still has the best restaurants in the world! I’m sure most of you in Cape Town already know and order the best takeaway sushi from Oishi . With a brother in town for the easter weekend we decided to try the new Chefs warehouse at maison in Franschhoek and then stopped for a  beer tasting at Franschhoek beer company as on should !  I must say the La Saison belgium style beer at 8.4% came out tops!

African Wedding

Our next wedding had us flying off to the Matopo Hills in Zimbabwe, Sean and Katie are friends that we met through triathlon training and this special occasion was a 3-day wedding at  Amalinda Lodge followed by a 2-day Buddymoon at Ivory Lodge. What a blast!  So amazing to be back in Africa and to see all the wonderful animals it has to offer! Oh, this time I did not forget my suitcase behind!